Deepest Roots: Birth & Wholistic Wellness helps women come into their power by holding space for each individuals authentic self while offering grounded care.

Embrace your inner strength and your connection to the Collective Mother and Healer in all beings.

Grow, renew, and awaken your personal practices in birth and wellness with Deepest Roots: Birth & Wholistic Wellness healing foods, intuitive massage, herbalism and essential oil medicine, and educational courses. Join the community of women who attend workshops with Ruth. Be held in the warm gathering of empowered women of every color and diverse background as we create a rainbow of feminine vibrance, health, wellness, and healing. Ask about our delicious variety of doula offerings and check back regularly on our calendar to keep up to date on gatherings in your area.

Serving Sonoma County, Marin County, and parts of the Bay Area…contact to see if your area is covered.

Ruth is a grounded force that brings a sense of peace to your birth. I could not have had my surprise breech birth at home without her! Not only did she keep everyone cool-headed, but she actually managed to make me laugh more than once during the contractions leading up to labor. And you KNOW you need someone with a sense of humor to get you through birthing! At the same time, Ruth reads the room extremely well and is able to either bring the energy levels up or bring calmness as needed during the different stages of birth. She is extremely knowledgeable and will let you know what your body is going through/what stages you are in, and allows you to relax into each stages as you learn about it. She always has fun anecdotes too. Ruth was with me  week before the birth and stayed a few days after and made sure that I was well fed both nutritionally and emotionally so that I would be at my optimal health to welcome my baby.

10308174_10152430044637082_1184910556430798526_n-Marie Lafranque, Photographer and Educator